hurst & brown

In early May, one month after moving to Victoria, I nervously sent out an email entitled "New to Victoria." I sent the email to a designer whose work I was introduced to and had immediately resonated with me. I felt like her design and creative direction was telling the same story that I try to tell with photographs. The email was an introduction of myself but also an invitation to hopefully meet up and possibly collaborate. To my delight, she replied with a warm welcome and lunch recommendation.

A week later, we met for lunch and spent the next hour talking about travel, food, art, the journey of working for yourself and how we had both come to find ourselves living in Victoria. It was one of those effortless meetings that naturally turned into friendship. 

A half year later, after countless collaborations, work trips and personal creative projects, Tara Hurst and I are excited to announce and share with you the work of Hurst & Brown. Our work offers creative direction, branding, website design and photography, along with personal creative projects, interviews and editorial content.  

While I will continue to work on my own projects, weddings, family sessions and editorial content, I am very much looking forward to spending more time each week collaborating with Tara. So, to keep up on what we are doing follow along on our journal (which you can also find on my homepage) or by searching #hurstandbrown