west coast road trip

I see the world in stills. I notice the way light falls on an object, can sense how movement will make its way into a frame, I see emotions as a single moment... I create and carry these images with me everyday, not always in the form of a photo, usually just in my mind. Stills just make sense to me. 
I have driven to California three times this year. I never tire of the landscape and I always see new places but I wanted to document this trip differently. So, I did something that doesn't make sense to me. I took videos. And so did my husband (thank you, Bryce!) I am no videographer and the editing process to make this very simple and rudimentary video took me longer than I would like to admit. However, I had a lot of fun with it and can't help but smile when I watch it. 

* if you click through to view it on vimeo the quality is better*

* the song in the video is Charlotte and Charlie by Radio Skies who we saw in Ojai and had the best time dancing to *