testimonials and kind words

Rachel + Solon

Kelly’s photos speak for  themselves - they are stunningly beautiful and truly expressive. She captured the joy we felt at our wedding perfectly, and now looking back at the photos we feel it all over again.   We’ve gotten TONS of compliments on how stunning our photos are; Kelly captured candids, posed shots, and composed stills all equally well.

But what made Kelly really, really wonderful was just how easy she is to work with.  We had some last minute schedule changes and Kelly not only easily adapted, but she also kept us at ease with her cool calm and reassurance.   She’s flexible, communicative, and most of all, kind and gentle.  You spend quite a bit of time with your photographer on your wedding day, and we couldn’t be happier that we got to do that with Kelly.  She brought out the best in us, and captured it in the best way.  We are so grateful!

Katy + Trey

I can’t say enough good things about Kelly.  To watch her work is simply magical. It warms your heart. There are times she doesn’t even look into the lens. It’s an art, her talent. It’s hard to explain but it’s effortless for her. During Trey and I's engagement shoot, he kept saying, “Wow I keep doing the same thing. These are going to be awkward.” All I could say was, “I realize you think that but trust her. She will capture a moment that you didn’t even realize was there.” And she did. After my wedding, Kelly posted a couple of photos online and everyone kept asking me who my photographer was and that my photos were amazing. Her photos are raw, natural and real. She has a gift of capturing beautiful moments, whether it be couples, a single person or nature. Her photos make you feel. You are moved by them. It’s not just a picture, it’s a moment stopped in time and that’s exactly what I wanted to remember when I looked back and my wedding photos...moments. What’s even better is that she’s humble, sweet and just all around good people. 

Clare Day Flowers

I’ve had an absolutely delightful experience working with Kelly. We’ve worked together on a number of lifestyle related photoshoots and every time it’s been an amazing experience. Kelly is a very talented photographer but she’s also a skilled stylist, with a wonderful aesthetic, a great eye for composition, and a natural instinct for telling evocative stories through her work. One of the things I love most about her approach is that she really knows when a frame is done - it’s so hard to know when to add more to a vignette or when to take things away. She has a great and rare instinct for this. But beyond that, I’ve found Kelly to be an incredible person - professional, collaborative, intuitive and insightful - all the qualities I look for in a collaborator. She brings her absolute best to all she does which is why I jump at any chance to work with her. 

Sarah + Tim

Just sitting in the airport on our way to our honeymoon and am just so grateful for your talents! I knew I wouldn't even have to worry about my pictures and had 100% trust in you! Thank you for spoiling me with preview shots!  You are so incredibly talented!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 

Megan + Armando

Kelly is amazing!!!
When it is your wedding day you want a photographer with the qualities Kelly possesses:
keen eye for composition | professional | organized...able to get all the relatives together so photos move along :) | easy laugh and GREAT sense of humor | impeccable timing with shots | sparkling personality | AND incredible talent!
We also splurged and asked Kelly to create a book of our wedding, which we adore--we just knew it would take us a year to find time to do it on our own, and it was fun to get it back in time to show family and friends over the holidays. We could not be happier with the photos Kelly took.

Natalie + Nash

The entire family can not stop talking about you. We are so appreciative of the sneak peek that you sent. The photos look incredible!